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Muslims are one. Their geographical differences are for their identity. In Islam our borders are open to each other. We live on the land of Allah. We are one Umma with different languages and race. No matter who we are, we recognize Allah as our means of sustenance on earth as Arafa means recognition of this fact. Arafat is the name of the desert and day of Arafa is the ninth day of the month of Zul-Hajja, the day that everyone meets at this desert only to see each other, to live together a day to recognize each other as Arafa means to know – to be acquainted with Allah in being with each other. It is the place of every Muslim in the simple clothing of two pieces of white material. We know each other with the name of “Hajj” or one who is intending, not by title or rank. It is the land of equality, no boundary but different nations. No restriction of moving from one part to another. All the nations are brothers and are together in this vast desert. In the end of the day of Arafa, we all move to the valley of Muzdalifa or Mash’ar (awareness). If in the vast desert of Arafat we were separated and each group and nationality were by themselves, the valley of Mash’ar brings everyone together because we are in Mash’ar (awareness) . The night of Mash’ar is to pick up war materials (stones) so you can attack at dawn. We stay behind the boundary of Mina and pick up small stones or pebbles for each battle with Satan. You will need 7 stones for at least seven attacks on each evil or a total of 49 stones. Hajj gives us a lesson of unity and togetherness and confrontation against evils and those who are against the unity of mankind. We can be united if we come together in Arafat (recognition) and reject evils in Mina and follow the law of Allah in Mecca as the rejection of any Deity is required to achieve Allah’s will. The reality we see is that Muslims are one “Ummah” and one nation with different languages and cultures and from different races and boundaries. In this desert, Muslims are neighbors to each other and spend a full day together as the World of Islam is one. We are not divided and the line of Allah is extended to hold firm on it and be not divided. The “Dzikr” and the words prayer chanted by different groups of races makes you of them. They may not speak your language but it shows and express clearly that the Quran is our constitution and the tradition of our beloved Prophet is our way of life.